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Many governments, organizations, enterprises and groups are looking for a way to host elections safer and spend less on this process, while it may seem like hosting online elections can be more expensive, but the truth is that online elections can take much less money, time and effort comparing to classic elections. Myken is a platform making it all possible to create, host and manage online elections.
When you create a new election on Myken, you will not be asked to pay anything at start, you can create and host your election on Myken and pay only as much as you used our systems in your voting process, after your election was done, and you were completely satisfied with our systems.
Myken first started at 2014, when it was a platform for schools to host their online elections, but as Techaran (Parent, owner and founder company of Myken) grew, Myken platform was designed in a way that this time everyone is welcome to use it for all sort of elections, and that was a major step towards the "Globalization of Myken".
Unlike what some people might think, Myken is constantly hosting elections all the time, every day, this might be due to spread of COVID-19 and the need to host elections remotely, yet it seems like organizations prefer to avoid classic elections and move towards safer, faster and cheaper way of elections. At certain times of year, the number of active online elections increase as different organizations host their elections at once, these times include school elections at the start of educational year and almost at the same time universities host their elections for student councils, also at the time of national elections like presidential elections, some countries or authorities use Myken to host pre-elections, which will help candidates know how much more they should spend on their advertising and campaigns.
The current version of Myken (version 4) is translated in 5 languages, they include English, Spanish, Chinese, Farsi and Arabic. People and organizations from all around the world are welcome to use Myken services. Yet, there are some countries that can not currently conduct business with our company as various sanctions get in the way of using some of Myken's not free products. Techaran is had started a project to allow people to pay in cryptocurrencies through their Techaran Wallet, Although this project is not yet ready to be used across Myken and other products and may be ready by the end of the year.
Another service offered in the new version of Myken, is advertising services for election candidates. Various candidates can create advertising pages on Myken and promote their plans. Myken Premium is another new service that is widely used by government organizations, enterprises which helps them to host their election on their own exclusive domains and the logo of Myken will be removed from their voting pages.
Also Myken support team is always ready to answer your questions through online chatting, calling the support center and other communication methods you may choose to ask for help.

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